The Bernice Cowen Charitable Trust

The Bernice Cowen Charitable Trust

The Charity

We are a small charity run by family and friends to keep our promise to one extremely special person. Bernice Sandra Cowen fought an 8 year battle against colon cancer without complaint and with a wonderful smile on her face despite her pain and suffering. Her only wish was that she never be forgotten. This is what she asked of us and with your support she never will. Our charity is made up of Bernice's husband, daughters, twin brother, sister- in -law, niece and her 5 best friends.

Our vision

In the short time we have been established we have raised a staggering £37,000 for Action Against Cancer. This charity was set up by Bernice's oncologist Professor Justin Stebbing . Justin treated Bernice at a time when all other doors had been shut to us and we were told that nothing else could be done for Bernice. Justin gave us hope when others had no other options. Justin offered Bernice an operation and treatments that were not available at other facilities. This bought us time and for this we are eternally grateful. This money will be used to research the cause of cancer. He is looking to block the cancer genes to prevent people from developing the disease; hoping that one day cancer will be something that you live with rather than you die from. His team is already working on one such gene. Please follow his work at

Bernice also worked with children her whole life. She was a nursery nurse, a PE teacher and a tennis coach. She worked at Holland House for over 20 years and adored her pupils as much as they adored her. Because of this we wanted to put something back into our community by raising money to provide a local Autistic School ( put schools website in ) with a well needed mini bus. This is what we are building towards.